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We have put together 5 key steps to effective career change

Personal stocktaking – knowing your work values, interests and personal motivations

Identifying your skills and natural talents

Reviewing your experience and quality peaks

Spotting where your ‘gaps’ are and what to do about them

Drawing up a career development plan that will keep the focus

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With my 5 Step Planner, you will learn:

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3. Why all these 5 steps are important to your future success
4. How having a plan will make a big difference to getting you started on your journey

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It can be really helpful to get another view on yourself by having the opportunity of some independent assessment of your natural strengths, skills, personality and values.

Doing some personal ‘stock taking’ using assessment tools when changing careers or considering a job change is really helpful in reminding you of what you already have to offer to a new employer or situation. It can also show gaps in your experience and clear preferences for some activities over others.

Personality Profiling with an established psychometric e.g. Myers Briggs Type Indicator or the Neo PI-R Leadership

Strengths Profiling – highlights your natural talents so you can harness these in pursuit of more fulfilling work. This can be for individuals, teams and team leaders

Career Specific Tools– there are many to choose from that have stood the test of time or have been developed in house and your coach will make suitable recommendations once your needs from career coaching are clearly understood.