Career Planning Series: No.5

Career Planning Series: No. 4
September 12, 2018
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Career Planning Series: No.5

The 5 step approach to planning your new future!

This blog is the fifth and final blog in a series of 5, as I reveal my own proven 5 step career planning framework that helps move you from floundering to flourishing. Changing your job or career takes time and effort but is so much easier when you can use a proven process like the 5 steps that ensures you don’t miss out any important things that need to be taken into account!

Step 5 is called ‘Creating a career development plan’ and represents the end goal and a solid achievement for participants on my group coaching programme ‘Planning for Success’.

So what is a career development plan?

A well written career development plan is like having an app or a quick reference point that can guide your actions when thinking about your career aim and goals.

It is well known that people who don’t have plans are destined to spend their lives working for those who do!

Equally, the person who has invested in a plan is usually clear about what they are seeking.

What does a career development plan look like?

In case you’re wondering it’s looks a bit different to an ordinary action plan.  It covers the basics and should contain your own specific actions to support stated goals. However, it is common to use an expanded time frame.  This is because the process of job search, career switch, retraining or setting up in business can be unpredictable. Additionally, other factors unknown at the outset can easily change the plans of those with the best intentions so ‘flex’ is built in from the start.

So, what definitely needs including in your career development plan?

  • A clear career aim linked to specific goals to achieving that aim
  • Goals broken down into clear actions that will move you forward
  • An expanded flexible time frame e.g. 0-6 months; 6-18 months and 18-36 months

From a motivational point of view there is also a secret ingredient.  Always ensure that a career plan contains rewards.  Yes, that’s right, REWARDS….!  It’s fun to anticipate the pleasure of rewards that can be yours as a result of working your plan!  What is it that you can reward yourself with for doing the work required that moves you towards what you want?

Remember to reflect on what you have learned about yourself already through your experiences at work so your plan is meaningful and not just a paper exercise.  Then you have to turn it into reality by taking ACTION.  After all, actions speak louder than words and are a powerful way to effect change.

To your success!


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