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Career Planning Series: No. 4

Career Planning Series: No.5
August 30, 2018
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August 30, 2018
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Career Planning Series: No. 4

The 5 step approach to planning your new future!


This blog is the fourth in a series of 5, as I reveal my own proven 5 step career planning framework that helps move you from floundering to flourishing!  Changing your job or career takes time and effort but is so much easier when you can use a proven process like the 5 steps that ensures you don’t miss out any important things that need to be taken into account!

Step 4 is called ‘spotting where your gaps are and what to do about them’ and constitutes another key building block in your own resource bank of information and self-knowledge.

This is where consideration is given to what makes your life fulfilling and why you do what you do.  Having a clear ‘WHY’  is a lot more than your values, motivations and skills which is what we will be looking into specifically in step 4.

There are 3 aspects in particular that can contribute towards feelings of fulfilment at work and in life generally.

  • Opportunity to develop skills and new experiences
  • Having a range of enjoyable activities or hobbies/interests
  • An overall sense of meaning and purpose in what you do

You may be wondering about why these aspects have been singled out?

  • they have stood the test of time;
  • they meet a need for personal growth and affirmation in an increasingly tech world;
  • they have definitely proven their worth in the interview process.

My purpose for shining a spotlight on these 3 areas is twofold.

Firstly, to get you to walk through them individually and think more deeply about how each aspect actively contributes to YOUR sense of fulfilment.

Secondly, to consider if you have any notable ‘gaps’ showing up that will impact adversely on your search for new work or a new career.

For example, do you have all the skills and the right experiences you need to pursue your next move?  If not, how can you get these and what will be the benefit? The person with the right blend of these aspects will usually be offered the job so look carefully at what your gaps are and what adjustments you may need to make.

Employers want to know about YOU and what you enjoy doing and having nothing to talk about at interview could negatively impact on your ability to move on. If you display a lack of genuine interest in anything beyond work this will be a deadly strategy, especially when seeking to make a job move.  Hobbies / interests or regular activities allow for more relaxed conversations and for your personality to shine thorough in interview.

Finally, it’s simply not sustainable to continue working in a job that has no meaning or purpose to you over the longer term – we’ve all experienced this in life and how time drags as a result.

So, let’s get clear – make only deliberate choices that will increase your chances of feeling fulfilled in your job or career. Work out what’s meaningful for you!

A Bonus

Any of these 3 aspects will stimulate you to keep actively learning which is hugely attractive to employers.  Doing all of them can build in you an attitude for learning and an appetite for growth that as we all know is the one thing you can’t be trained in! It’s a win-win!

Another way of thinking about this is to look at where all 3 aspects overlap – this is commonly known as your ’sweet spot’ for it’s ability to bring out your best.

Try drawing 3 overlapping circles first then ask yourself the following ;_

  • Where is the emphasis at the moment? Is it balanced or skewed in one direction ?
  • Is there enough sense of purpose in that future role or move I am considering?
  • If not, what needs to shift to truly make your ‘sweet spot’ possible?

Of course, looking for where we can be our best as we progress at work and in a career is always a good plan.

It used to be the case that knowledge had to be acquired in a strict order or not before a certain number of years in a job.  This is certainly not true nowadays with the increase of technology in business. The need to keep up with new and emerging knowledge to remain competitive and employable requires a far more agile approach to learning and knowledge acquisition over a much longer working life.

The advent of online learning, modular formal learning, flexible self study courses, videos and podcasts all means that access has never been easier for a learner to find opportunities for personal growth and development.  Even more reason to take some time to reflect on what job or career would be most meaningful for you!

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