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Career Planning Series: No.3

Career Planning Series: No. 4
August 30, 2018
career change
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August 30, 2018
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Career Planning Series: No.3

career change

The 5 step approach to planning your new future!

career changeThis blog is the third in a series of 5 posts, as I reveal what’s behind my proven 5 step career planning framework that helps move you from frustration to flourishing!  Changing your job or career takes time and effort but is so much easier when you can access a framework like the 5 steps that ensures you don’t miss out any important aspects that need to be on board.

Step 3 is called ‘Reviewing your Experience and Peaks’ and is another key building block in your own resource bank of information and self-knowledge.

Why is it useful to review my experience?

Here are some of the ways in which having a clear description of your achievements can work for you.  These are also referred to as Achievement Statements.

  • Listing key achievements is standard fare on most cv’s/application forms nowadays
  • Achievements well written will succinctly reflect your abilities and competencies
  • Reflecting on what you have actually accomplished usually feels good and boosts self-awareness as well as confidence
  • Having a list means you can select the most appropriate ones to talk about in interview or expand on an application form
  • Just having a list brings them to the forefront and helps you get really clear on what you enjoy doing the most

All of the above are good reasons to spend some time on this.  Initially, brainstorm all the things you can think that you have done to date that are worthy of further consideration – e.g.  project(s) you worked on; a team you manage; a physical endeavour; some new learning you undertook; a specific challenge;

It’s normal to be able to come up with about 10 of these from which I would encourage you to select 5 significant or key achievements overall that you are most proud of.

Here’s a tip – incorporate specific quantifiable information in your achievement statements as well as your skills / competencies to give extra oomph!

Here’s an example

‘Devised and implemented a management structure and career path for overseas staff during a period of 5-fold growth in the company, resulting in a 40% decrease in staff turnover and increased passenger handling capacity.’

Did you spot the skills in this statement?

What difference do you think the quantifications included made?

Do check your own documentation to make sure you are making the most of your accomplishments on paper, online and in general.

Quality Peaks

Some experiences stand head and shoulders above the rest.  I call these ‘quality peaks’.

You may be wondering why this is the case.  It will be because you have entered an optimal physical and mental state as a result of the situation you are in.  This phenomenon is well known in a sporting context and it’s something that athletes train hard to reach and the good news is this state is accessible and prevalent to all via life experiences.

Anyone can have times of full flow when ‘ time seems to disappear as total immersion in the experience becomes all absorbing.’

Think of a time when you have experienced this for yourself.

A key ingredient is enjoyment and for humans that’s a compelling reason to repeat that experience. This in turn set up a virtuous circle of increased effectiveness whilst having fun!  Naturally this will, over time, improve your performance.  Little wonder then that when flow is present you feel on top of the world and everything comes together almost effortlessly.

Flow states are very insightful for helping you identify what comprises a satisfying and memorable experience for you.

So remember – no experience will ever be wasted and by selecting your key achievements and quality peaks you will be able to show up fully and show yourself at your best!

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