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Are you looking to change your career and don't know where to start?

This is one of the biggest decisions of your life and it's easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if you've been in the same job for a number of years.

Here are a few examples of what can hold you back from making that job or career change

- Not having a clear idea of what you’re looking for
- Feeling undervalued, underpaid and under stimulated at work
- In a shrinking industry with limited prospects - knowing I need to move but not knowing how to do this
- Exhausted and drained by my work leaving no time or energy for anything else

Any one of these can feel a big deal and can keep you ‘stuck’ and unable to move forward.

That’s exactly why I devised my career planner. It will provide you with a route map and a clear 5 step structure that walks you through all those key areas you need to think about before you do anything else!

Get your 5 Step Career Planner NOW

With my 5 Step Planner, you will learn:

1. A 5 step process for effective career planning
2. Be given examples of the different types of activities involved in career planning
3. Why all these 5 steps are important to your future success
4. How having a plan will make a big difference to getting you started on your journey

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  • When I first contacted Anji I was really distressed and in need of someone to help me make sense of a challenging work environment, where I felt massively undervalued and disrespected. Anji’s style of providing a listening, non-judgemental ear combined with the knowledge and experience to challenge me and guide me through a series of activities and discussions helped me to see that the way I was being treated was unacceptable but at the same time showed me how to manage myself and the situation to get the end result that I wanted – to stay and do the great job that I knew I was capable of. Being coached is not easy - you have to put in the hard work to reap the benefits - but I cannot recommend Anji enough.  She is supportive and challenging at the same time and I have completed my time with her feeling stronger, more resilient and happy in the knowledge that I am choosing to stay in my job rather than being forced to because of the pandemic.
    Spring 2021
  • I have been working with Anji as my Mentor Coach for the past few months. She has helped me understand the ICF Competencies and gain insight into how I am using them but also which competencies I need to develop to keep strengthening and building my coaching practice. She is a brilliant Mentor Coach who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in business and coaching. Anji’s style is flexible and adaptable, I experienced this in the way she approached our sessions recognising my experience and honing in on the areas I needed to develop; she is serious, fun and engaging - a wonderful combination that supported learning and challenge, and finally this woman knows her stuff. I would wholeheartedly recommend Anji for anyone looking for a Mentor Coach to develop their coaching practice and their understanding of the ICF Competencies.
    P C-J
    Autumn 2020
  • Anji has recently been my mentor coach for the purpose of my ICF accreditation. she is a careful listener with a strong empathy and compassion traits. At same time, she is concise, clear and direct in her communication and observations. I particularly liked her ability to nudge my weaknesses in a way that created awareness and positive reaction. She is very professional and cares a lot to see her client moving forward. I can only recommend Anji to anyone who is looking for mentor coaching
    Summer 2020
  • On returning to coaching after a break I asked Anji to be my mentor coach to help me regain my confidence as a coach. Her style was very supportive and stretching and provoked me to reflect on my own practice. She has helped me understand how to work effectively as a coach using the ICF core competencies and how to improve and build my strengths. I always left the sessions feeling positive and ready to practice new learnings and ideas. Most importantly Anji helped me develop as a coach and stay true to myself, encouraging me to trust my instincts. This was especially important during times when I was working with some difficult clients, especially those who brought a significant emotional charge. It was invaluable to have her support and guidance. Thanks to Anji I have learned good practice in coaching and built awareness of my natural coaching style. I would certainly recommend Anji as a coach mentor. GH    
  • "I asked Anji to help me re-orient my career choices. I found Anji very dynamic, and very able to have some challenging conversations, but most importantly she gives you hope and helps create options. I would recommend Anji as a career coach at any time.”
  • “When I first met Anji I had experienced two serious setbacks in my life, and had lost the vision to develop and focus on my career, and did not know how to change things for the best.

    I was in desperate need to talk to someone honestly without being pre judged, and Anji’s coaching techniques were perfect for my situation, being both professional and sensitive, giving me a mental platform to prepare for future opportunities.”

    Anji helped me to address my problems in a sympathetic and constructive way, consistently challenging me with questions and exercises, often outside of my comfort zone. This made me clarify what I really wanted from my work – life balance, and define the values I have.

    Most importantly, I would like to thank you for all your encouragement, your compassionate nature and drive to succeed with your coachee are always at the forefront of your mind. The transformation that happened to me can happen to others too.

    I now can approach my new teaching career with increased confidence and motivation knowing that I have the tools to tackle the job properly!”
  • “Working with Anji over the last few months has had an incredibly positive effect upon me and upon my business.

    I feel as if I am now in control of my business, rather than it being in control of me. This has brought me much more fulfilment, both personally and financially.

    It’s also empowered me to make some fairly significant life changes. I’ve been stuck in a rut for a number of years, and Anji helped me find my own way out.

    I would recommend Anji’s Career Coaching to anyone who is ready to push themselves and their business, but would benefit from a guide who’ll help them find the best direction.”
  • “When I started to work with Anji I had been “out of the market place” for some time, and had lost sight somewhat of my strengths and what I had to offer. Through our early sessions, Anji helped me to rediscover these aspects of myself, as well as identifying new strengths and opportunities to explore.

    This initial diagnostic type work helped me to identify my “brand” and build a tool kit, such as a short one page leave behind document, which proved invaluable when I moved to contacting recruiters, potential employers and other networking contacts. The idea of having networking meetings and conversations with complete strangers was daunting at first, but Anji helped to build my confidence in myself and my abilities so that with time it’s become something easy to do (and enjoyable too for the most part).

    The coaching process wasn’t always easy and was challenging at times but it’s set me up to go into 2015 with a much clearer vision of where and how I want my career to progress and with the skills and confidence to achieve my next role.”
  • “Anji manages to be both very sensitive, kind and extremely direct, adaptable and practical at the same time. She really listens but doesn't tolerate much self-indulgence or negativity. She is firmly focussed upon bringing about transformational change in her clients. She has a wealth of experience and is extremely professional. I thoroughly recommend her.”
  • “I met Anji when I was at a cross road in my life. I was not sure what I wanted to do with my career and I wanted to restore my work/life balance. I had lost touch with what was important to me and most worryingly, I did not recognise the value of my skills. I wanted to work in an organisation and in a role where I would feel valued, fulfilled and energised. I also wanted to enjoy my life outside of work. Through Anji’s support I have achieved this.

    I really appreciated Anji’s style, a balance of support and challenge which did not always feel comfortable, but was absolutely right for me. Anji took time to understand what outcomes I wanted to achieve and the blocks getting in the way. She led me to take responsibility for my learning and when I needed structure and tools to move forward or a friendly word of advice Anji was there. I really appreciated Anji’s tenacity and friendship which helped me during the 3 months we worked together.”
  • “Thanks to coaching from Anji, I have re-invigorated my career. I have a job that I thoroughly enjoy, and I have a clear vision of what I want to do in the future. I also have confidence that I can achieve that vision.

    This has not just been about work. Through all of this, I have managed toretain my work/life balance, which is so important to both myself and my family.

    I now know that coaching is critical to my development, both as a person and as a business leader. Friends, relatives and business colleagues have seen the difference in me.”
  • “Coaching has helped me gain clarity over my strengths. It has also helped me understand my values which are a valuable tool in assessing options to see whether an opportunity is really a good fit for me. Overall it has helped the ‘thinking process’ and cleared out some previous clutter.”
  • “I feel that I have more direction in terms of where I look for jobs and the sort of jobs I am looking for. I have gained a greater positivity in my career objectives and think now about what I can do/have done, rather than any gaps that I perceive in my experience. My awareness of skills and strengths allows me to search for jobs that are more suitable and pass over sectors that I feel are not for me.”
  • “I always felt that any issue, whether work-related or personal, was treated with the respect and confidentiality that was deserved, and this was undoubtedly the most important factor in our relationship. Laughter is also one of the elements of our relationship that has to be mentioned.

    In order for the coaching relationship to grow there has to be trust between both parties. This was particularly important during times when Anji set me some challenges, designed to help bring out the best in me. The challenges had potential to be daunting, weird or difficult, and I had to trust that Anji was working for my best interests. I still use one of them when I feel that I need to be looking after myself.

    I firmly believe that my first few months in a new role and industry would not have been as successful as they have been without the coaching sessions we had. Thanks Anji.”
  • “Prior to the coaching I received from Anji I was sceptical about how useful it would be; I decided to give it a go as I was struggling to reach a decision about my work/life balance. I knew something needed to change in my life but I wasn’t sure what. My work with Anji helped me to make a decision that I feel comfortable with and I now have a job closer to home. This decision has re-energised me and I have set clear goals for the future, both in work and outside work. After all there’s more to life than commuting and late night working!!

    Even though Anji concentrated on the next career move, we discussed this in the context of every aspect of my life, enabling me to set my own priorities. She helped me generate options that previously I couldn’t see. She did this in a non judgemental way using careful questioning and a variety of tools. Ironically (and maybe a surprise to some) my new job looks like a step back on paper, however, this has enabled me to achieve things outside work that I wouldn’t have been able to a few months ago. Anji didn’t judge the decision and respected what life I wanted for myself. She did keep me on my toes though…!

    Since completing a 6 month coaching period I have seen a profound difference in my confidence and my ability to look to the future with positivity and energy. I now realise that I have many options available to me and this initial change is a stepping stone to bigger and better things in the future. I feel in control of my destiny and believe I have the necessary skills to be a success. Most importantly, I know why I have made the change and I don’t have any regrets.

    I still reflect on the conversations I had with Anji and they give me strength to tackle challenges as opportunities. I feel happier as a result. Thank you Anji.”
  • “I found Anji’s manner an excellent mixture of warmth and interest in me, coupled with a brisk business -like approach to us getting some results! I was impressed with Anji’s generosity in sharing with me her materials pack for coaching and this material very much informed my own pack. I was also grateful for time spent focusing on a particular coachee of mine which enabled me to move on with this client. In summary I found the experience extremely useful and would recommend Anji highly as a coach and coach mentor”.
  • “I found Anji to be clear, direct, no-nonsense, kind and supportive in my development process. I am pleased to recommend her talents as a Mentor Coach.”
  • Anji recently provided me with some invaluable mentor coaching, which I needed for accreditation purposes. She was reflective and incisive, and held me to account throughout the process. Not only were the sessions very helpful, but I really enjoyed the time spent with her. I would recommend her to anyone seriously considering working with a coach mentor.
  • I really enjoyed working with Anji! She is a fantastic listener and during our sessions she was able to really help me focus on my business. She was both supportive and challenging and I was able to make some important changes as a result of our work together. Thank you for everything.
  • I worked with Anji when at the age of 55 I was embarking on a major career change and had discovered that I had no definitive idea as to what my new career would look like or indeed how I was going to achieve it. All I knew was that I wanted it to be different.

    Through extensive discussions and exercises with Anji I was able to clarify precisely what I wanted to do and what was realistic. Anji was an excellent sounding board and always available with encouragement, advice and practical suggestions as to how I should achieve my goals. Indeed, this advice proved to be fundamental to my success.

    I am now a portfolio worker and very happy with my new career and the control that I have regained of my life. I have no hesitation in recommending Anji to anybody who finds themselves in a similar situation.

  • I had never considered engaging a coach (of any sort) before, seeing it as a sign of weakness. Why couldn’t I sort these issues out myself? But, after speaking with several people about the benefits of career coaching, I came across Anji’s web site and contacted her.

    Anji quickly helped me identify what I wanted to accomplish from having coaching. This included:

    • • Identify what I was good at, what I was not so good at, and what I should focus on improving to make life better.
    • • Come to terms with the changes, and identify how I could positively affect the organization from within my new role.
    • • Realise that it is never too late, and you are never too old, to learn – whether that is from coaching, reading, advice from others… It is possible to be better.
    • • Form new habits that improved me, and stopped some older ones that held me back

    I would not have got here without Anji and her coaching, and recommend her to anyone - Thank you Anji.

  • Anji and I started working together when I finally admitted to myself that I had lost my way in my professional life. Anji offered a inspiring mix of being able to attune very quickly to me and a great structure which allowed me to both stand back and at the same time, get in touch with what really matters to me at a very profound level. I have absolutely no doubt that I could not have done this alone. When you set out on a journey of personal discovery like this - how lucky are you to find a traveling companion who is not only great company, but who also has a knack of providing just what is needed along the way.

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