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Step 1 - Read

This online course will help you get very clear on what's most important to you when making your next career move.

Career planning is the focused structure to help you find a career that suits you better or a job role within an organisation that is a better 'fit' than you currently have. If you are on a career break or dealing with redundancy it's also really useful to help you think clearly about what you want and it's interesting as it's all about YOU! It's the inner preparatory work that will set you up for success over the long term.

This course will support you to learn how to effectively take into account all those aspects of yourself that are important to be familiar with before you start your job search or career change. The tangible outcome will be a career development plan with clear action steps that will be meaningful and relevant to YOU and it will continue to help you take forward steps after the end of the course. All course materials are included either as written content pages or downloadable exercises or both.

There is an opportunity to join a FB private group for course participants only. This group is there to support you with your learning and help you get 'unstuck' by also learning from others' experiences. I'll be popping up on there regularly too to see how you are getting on and to encourage you to contribute by sharing your wins and challenges and insights with each other.

As a self directed learner you can work your way through all the 5 steps in the course at a time and pace to suit you. This course will always be available to you in the future once you have signed up and enrolled. If you want to do this now and are ready please contact me through my website and let me know!

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