A bird made famous in the 12th century by a Persian poet Attar in his allegory the 'Conference of the Birds', the central theme being 'the need to awaken the heart' which is still very relevant in life. The hoopoe is gifted with the wisdom to inspire and guide others and in this way it will help you to access your own wisdom on the path of self discovery that coaching represents.

My Qualifications

  • MA in Human Resource Development (Distinction)
  • (Highly Commended) B.Ed and Certificate of Education
  • Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
  • Mentor Coach
  • Master Strengths Practitioner.

Change your career, change your life!

Hi, my name is Anji Marychurch and I work with professionals helping them to find a better job, career and/or life. I’ve been doing this since 1995. I particularly enjoy clients who are ready to make changes in their working lives and who value having an accountability coach and mentor on their journey! Apart from career changers I have worked with entrepreneurs and business leaders by helping them gain greater confidence in themselves and their abilities, identify their personal strengths and achieve greater clarity of purpose.

My approach is to bring a ‘can do’ attitude sprinkled with a strong dash of warmth, humour and pragmatism. These attributes and mindset are hugely helpful assets when effecting change and transformation in others but results are what really counts. Typically, clients report increased confidence, raised self awareness and clarity of future direction.

I am ethical, professional and honest in my work. I have a direct yet informal style and a real interest in getting to the nub of what’s needed so my clients progress quickly.

I have worked across education and business all my life as well as changed my own career track several times. I know what it takes to succeed and when to advise or just support. My ‘know how’ and agility to navigate change and adapt to the environment brings clients a different perspective and insights that working alone cannot do.

I’d love to hear from you if you are keen to make changes in your career. Let’s get started!

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